My visual language consists primarily of transparent materials, text, and the color pink, a color that has been oppressively misused to represent femininity. The combination of this language with contemporary materials builds a connection between historical textile traditions and feminist ideology. By utilizing clear materials I evoke feelings of being unseen, mirroring the experiences of women, like myself, who often feel marginalized and overlooked.

I was classically trained in the textile arts, beginning with my childhood fascination with all things textile to my formal education. From this deep connection I have gained an appreciation for the skill, vision, and time that this work requires, which, like most women’s labor, goes unseen. I am fascinated with the emotions and stories that are woven into the fabric of these creations. By highlighting the stories and labor, I bring this conversation to the forefront.

In my work I employ techniques such as drawing on yarn and fabrics, staining chenille pipe cleaners, painting patterns on Dura-Lar (an archival clear vinyl), and knitting or weaving with plastics. Through repetitive patterns and lines, I evoke the emotions imbued in the meditative process of textile work. The text includes myths, current events, and excerpts from my personal diaries, all woven into the narratives within my pieces. My art highlights and amplifies the strength and intelligence of women, imbuing the personal with the political.